Send a Task / File Attachment / Evaluation

In some situations, you may want to send a task, a file attachment, evaluation, message, or task to another user. You may do this by creating a task.

  1. From the main menu, click Supervision Assist to go to your Dashboard, if not there by default.
  2. Select the Assigned to Others tab, and click Assign Task.
  3. In the Assigned To field, enter the first name of the person you are assigning the task to; their full name will appear in the field’s autocomplete list. Click the correct name to select it
  4. Click on the appropriate task type
    1. General: Sends a task to the selected include a description and attachment. (usually a document) 
    2. Evaluation: Sends an evaluation to a user to complete 
    3. CE-Course: Send a continuing education course for a user to complete. The course selection comes for
  5. Click Save
  6. The assigned task will be listed under the Dashboard’s Assigned to Others tab