Step 3.1: Approving Placements

Approving Placement Applications

  1.  Navigate to the Trainee Placement Page
  2. You will likely want to filter these applications by their status. Typically, the ready forms are reviewed first. 
    1. Approved: Applications that have already been approved
    2. Ready: Applications that have all forms completed and are ready for review/approval. 
    3. Submitted: Applications that a trainee has made, but has a missing form. 
  3. You can review the details of the placement at the top. 
    1. This shows the student name, and the training for this placement. You may select the trainee icon to view their detail page, or select change training to assign a new training or faculty member. 
    2. The supervision name and location is shown here. If this is a new site a status for pending approval will be shown. You may click on the compass icon to view more information about the site. 
    3. The supervisor information is shown here. If a site supervisor has not yet created an account you will see a pending status along with an e-mail address and resend invitation button. When they have joined, you may click the Supervision Profile to review contact information, credentials, and more. 
  4. Review required forms and attachments
    1. You may choose to collapse all or expand all to get more details about the forms. Forms that are completed will have a green check mark. 
    2. Select here to view the Trainee Liability insurance. The expiration date should show on the left. 
    3. Select the submitted form to see the signed agreement form.
    4. This arrow indicates if a form is collapsed or expanded, if you only see a preview you may wish to expand to see all submissions.
  5. Final review and approve the Application. A quick checklist is on the left with approval on the right.
    1. Training assigned. If this is an x, refer back to step 3a.
    2. Supervisor Registered. If this is an x, refer back to step 3c.
    3. Required forms completed. If this is an x, refer back to step 4 to check submissions
    4. If this application needs to be deleted, a button is here. Only applications with no activity log entries may be deleted. 
  6. At the bottom of the application is a + Add a Comment. This may be useful if an application is missing any items. Messages will send an e-mail notification to the student, supervisor, and assigned faculty that a comment has been left. 

Quick Approval from the Dashboard

  1. Your Dashboard contains a tab named PlacementsThe red icon counter indicates the number of applications that have not yet been approved.
  2. In this tab, placement applications are shown with one of two status labels:
    1. Submitted: The trainee has submitted an application to work with a site supervisor but all required agreements have not been completed yet.
    2. Ready: All required agreement forms and uploads have been completed or submitted by the relevant users.
  3. Select View to review a placement application.
  4. Click Mark Approved or Mark Denied to approve or deny the placement request.