Update status to past, inactive, or graduated

The following guide is for changing the status of a trainee. The same procedure may be used for supervisors and faculty supervisors with the exception of the graduate status. 

Marking your trainees as graduated is an important maintenance item in Supervision Assist. It will help clear your list of clutter, and will also provide trainee's their graduation bonus. This includes post-master's use of the system and free continuing education credits to CE-Credit.com

From a Coordinator position/account

  1. Navigate to the appropriate People's page. (Example below is the Trainee's page)
  2. It may be helpful to organize trainees by their last completed training
  3. Sort students by their previous training, select all relevant students, and select Group Actions
  4. Under Group Actions select Update Status
  5. Mark Trainees as Inactive and select their graduation date