Step 1: How to Activate or Pay for your Student Account

How can I purchase a Supervision Assist Account

Note: Some Universities may include Supervision Assist as part of your tuition. If this is the case the access codes will be distributed automatically by your University, and you may skip this step. 

Supervision Assist offers two methods for activating your account.

  1. If you have purchased or been provided a code by your University select 'Redeem Code'
  2. If you don't have a code, select 'Purchase Access' to pay for an account with a credit card.

What is a Limited Account?

To access all features of Supervision Assist you will need to purchase an account.  However, you can start using Supervision Assist with a free limited account. A limited account allows you access to the Supervision Site Directory. With a limited account you may also create a placement application. These are useful features to help you with your practicum or internship efforts.

To create or join a live video session, to log activity hours and/or to submit evaluations, you will need to have a full, paid, Supervision Assist user account.

If your Supervision Assist account requires a purchase, you will be notified as your account header will have a message stating your account is limited (and indicated below) at the top of your user dashboard .