Step 4: How to Review and Complete Placement Application Requirements

  1. From the main menu, click Placement then Placement Applications.
  2. Click on the name of your placement application for your recently created application.
  3. On the Placement Application Details page, your Supervision Site and Site Supervisor’s name and information will be displayed.
    1. Site supervisor in SA
    2. Pending Site Supervisor registration in SA
  4. In the Required Forms section, click Start on the required forms to sign your name online, including the Insurance Liability Form(s).

  5. Make sure your site supervisor has signed their agreement form online. They can do this by logging in and clicking on placements on their dashboard. This will bring them to your placement application.

  6. If you started your practicum/internship before the beginning of the semester, please leave a comment on your placement application about your start date so your program coordinator may approve your earlier start date.

  7. After all agreements have been signed, your placement status will be "Ready" and a message will be sent to your program coordinator to review your application. Once the placement application is approved, you can start documenting your hours in the Activity Log page.