Deleting a Placement Application or Instance

Delete a Submitted Placement Application
  1. Select the Placement tab on your Dashboard
  2. Select View on the Placement you wish to delete

  3. Press the red trash can icon to delete the application.

💡If this application is already approved you may not see the Delete button. In that case you will need to revert the application to "unapproved" and then delete.

Deleting a Recurring Placement Application

If a new placement application was created on a training plan that shouldn't be there it is likely because the student has an approved "recurring placement application." In this scenario, the following are the recommended steps for deleting the instance and turning of the recurring status.

  1. Navigate to a student's placement application via the Trainee details page or Placement Application Page.
  2. From this page you will see the Placement Details page. In this instance the site was added because it was set as recurring. You can see this by the notice shown below. 

  3. Select the blue link from that message to navigate to the original Placement Application.
  4. Use the drop down menu under "Review Mode" and select "Unset Recurring".

  5. Hit back to go to the Placement Application instance that you want deleted
  6. Hit the Revert Status button

  7. Hit the delete instance button on the bottom of the page.

💡From the Training -> Placement Applications page you may also unselect a group of applications from being marked as recurring if it's something that happens often.