Improving Sound and Video Quality

Improving Sound and Video Quality

    Position Your Recording Device

    • If you are having trouble with your voice/sound quality, please check your device's settings or try restarting it.
    • If possible, try not to aim lamps/outside light at your face or directly behind you.
    • Make sure there are no items blocking a speaker's face.

    Improve Sound Quality for Client Live Sessions

    • For the best sound quality, try to keep your device less than 5 feet away from your active speakers.
    • If you are unable to obtain good quality sound from your device, we recommend picking up a good Wireless Lavalier Microphone device. The following has been tested with Supervision Assist staff and works on Laptop, iPhone, and Android devices. AIKELA Dual Wireless Lavalier Lapel Microphone
    • If you choose to use built-in webcams on your laptop or cell phone, the video quality may be low. Webcams start at $19.99 on both Amazon and Best Buy as well.

    Improve Sound Quality for Group Live Sessions

    • If possible, purchase a headset with a microphone. Using your device’s speakers/microphone can sometimes lead to low sound quality and echo You can find a wide selection on and Best Buy in-store or online.
    • If anyone in the call starts to hear background noise or other people in the call, it may be time to invest in a headset.
    • Use the mute button in zoom when you are not speaking. This will prevent extra noises from happening while other people are speaking.

    Other Things to Remember

    • Be aware of your backdrop and professional presentation – try not to have clutter in the background, these tend to distract others in meetings.
    • Empty rooms tend to have strong echoes. Being in a room with carpeting and rugs will dampen these issues.
    • Certain jewelry, pets, or other people in the background also tend to be distractions.