Convert a Video File for Easy Playback and Upload

When recording a session, you may need to use a video recorder that outputs videos to an older or incompatible format.  This may result in some users unable to playback a video in Supervision Assist. 

You may fix this, by converting your video to an MP4. I have included a link to a guide and tool that may be used on a PC or MAC.

Recommended Tool: Miro Video Converter

  1. Download and install Miro Video Converter
  2. Select the file you wish to upload to Supervision Assist
  3. Select Format -> Video -> MP4
  4. Select Convert to MP4
  5. Upload this new file to Supervision Assist using the Upload Guide below
  6. DELETE ANY LOCAL AN UNSECURED VIDEO FILES! We are not responsible for video recordings of files stored on a local computer or phone. 

Note: You may be able to use an Android or Apple app to do this on your phone, but we only outline guides for doing this on a PC or