Creating Training Reports of Hours


A trainee's training report can be generated by any user related to the trainee in Supervision Assist. Training reports can be generated as follows:

  • Weekly Report - A summary of hours logged by the trainee in a selected calendar week.
  • Training Report - An aggregate of all hours logged by the trainee during the full span of their training plan.
  • Spreadsheet Export -  An export of all hours for a student listed in an excel sheet. 
  • Full Training Report - This report generates a PDF from an aggregate of all hours logged across all trainings and placements for a single trainee

These report formats meet the CACREP's requirement to have site supervisors verify the hours logged by a trainee, using an integrated e-signature feature that adds the supervisor's signature upon approving activity entries. They also meet state licensure board requirements. 

Details on generating these reports is included below. 

Weekly Report, Training Report, and Spreadsheet Export Guide

Follow the steps below to generate a weekly or training plan report from a student's activity log page. 

  1. On the calendar, select a day that belongs to the month of your required weekly report. 
  2. On the bottom-left panel of the page, click Training Report to generate a report of all hours from this Training Plan / Semester. You may also select addition options to create a report based on a specific placement site. 
  3. On the bottom-left panel of the page, click Weekly Report and select the appropriate week's dates.
  4. On the top-right panel of the page, click Export Log to generate an excel export. 

A PDF document will be generated, showing the placements for which hours have been logged during the selected week, categorized by activity type. Additionally, an alert message is shown in cases where the trainee's entries have not all been verified by the site supervisor.

Full Training Report Guide

You may generate a PDF Training report right from your dashboard or trainee details page. Simply navigate to your previous/current training and select the Training Report button.

To generate a Full Training Report, on the Training Totals tab, click Full Training Report

Detailed Training Plan Report

  1. From a trainee's activity log page, first make sure you are on the correct training plan. You can use the blue arrows to navigate between plans. 

  2. Select the last date on the calendar from that training plan. 

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Load More

  4.  Continue this process until you reach the end of the page. 
  5. Print the page from your browser. (On chrome you may right click and select print)

  6. Save as PDF