Step 7: Track activity log hours

Introduction Video

  • From the main menu, click Activity Log.
  • Select Activity Date to select the date of your activity. 
  • Select the Placement for the Activity using the drop-down menu. 
  • Select Activity & Session to choose the Activity Type and Session Type. Some activity types may also ask you to select an Arrangement, Session Focus, and Learning Behavior.
  • Select Duration to record the time spent on this Activity & Session.
  • Select the following icons to add any optional information. 

    Client Code. This is an optional field to be able to quickly view all notes and times spent with a client. 

    Attachment: Add an attachment related to your activity. 

    Journal: Add reflective thoughts or notes on your activity to share with your Faculty and Site Supervisor

    Risk Alert: Select this field to immediately send a notification to your Faculty and Site Supervisor