University: Access Passes and the Invoice Process


Access passes provide trainees full access to all features in Supervision Assist for up to two years. Supervision Assist offers access passes for purchase by trainees, or by the university on behalf of their trainees via access codes. 

Trainees can get an access pass by purchasing one in Supervision Assist, or by redeeming an access pass code that has been distributed to them outside of Supervision Assist.

There are 2 ways a university can purchase access codes, and 3 ways a university can distribute these codes, depending on their needs.

Purchasing Access Codes

Coordinators can purchase access codes for distribution to their trainees. Supervision Assist offers 2 purchase methods: via direct payment, or via invoice request.

  1. In the top-right navigation menu, click your name and select Access Passes.
  2. In the "Purchase Access Codes" section, click Select Qty on the desired access pass, and enter the quantity of access codes to purchase. If these codes are to be distributed outside of Supervision Assist, select the "Reserve codes for external distribution" checkbox.
  3. Method 1: Direct Payment
    1. Click Proceed to Checkout.
    2. You will be redirected to a secure Stripe checkout page, where you can review the selected access pass(es) quantities, enter payment information, and submit the payment.
    3. Once the Stripe payment is completed, you will be redirected back to the Access Passes page. Depending on the quantities purchased, it may take a few moments for the page to update.
    4. The "Summary" section will then reflect the new access code counts, and the "History" section will show the payment details along with a link to the receipt.
  4. Method 2: Invoice Request
    1. Click Request Invoice.
    2. In the "Invoice Request" modal, review the details of your purchase request, then click Submit Purchase. It may take a few moments for the request to complete.
    3. The "Summary" section will reflect the new access code counts, and the "History" section will show the invoice request details. Finally, an invoice will be submitted to the university for payment per their agreement with Supervision Assist.
  5. Your access codes are now available for distribution. If the newly-purchased access codes were reserved for external distribution, they will be listed in the "Claimed Access Codes" table as "reserved". To view and download a list of these codes:
    1. In the "Summary" section, click the Download Codes for External Distribution link.
    2. In the "Reserved External Access Codes" modal, click Download.
    3. When finished, click Done.

Distributing Access Codes

Method 1: To Invited Students

  1. In the main menu, click People and select Trainees.
  2. Select the Invited Trainees tab, and click Invite Users
  3. Enter their e-mail addresses, one per line.
  4. Expand the Distribute Access Codes section, and select the access pass codes to distribute.
  5. Once submitted, the table will show a "reserved" access code where applicable, and an access pass code will be applied to each invited trainee upon registration.

Method 2: To Registered Trainees

Trainees with a red lockbox next to their name currently have a limited account. You may distribute access codes directly to one or more trainees via the Group Actions dropdown. 

Note: Trainees with a yellow hourglass icon are those whose full access accounts have expired, and it is recommended they be moved to the Past Trainees list by updating their status to "inactive" or "graduated" if applicable.

  1. Select the checkbox next to trainees with a limited account (Tip: Use a quick filter to only show limited accounts).
  2. Select Group Action and then Distribute Access Pass.
  3. Select the appropriate Access Pass and click Distribute.
  4. An access pass code is then automatically claimed on behalf of each selected trainee, and their accounts immediately updated to allow access to all features in Supervision Assist.