What is a limited account?

What is a Limited Account?

Students can register their Supervision Assist accounts without making up-front payments. Upon registration, their accounts are "limited" and blocked from using key features in Supervision Assist. In order to unlock and use these key features, students need to acquire an Access Pass.

What can trainees do with a limited account?

Limited accounts have access to the following features:

  1. Supervision Sites Directory
  2. Placement Applications
  3. HIPAA Course Completion
  4. Evaluations
  5. Training Reports

Limited accounts do not have access to:

  1. Activity Log (tracking hours)
  2. Live Sessions

How do trainees receive full access?

  1. The university coordinator(s) can distribute and apply access pass codes directly to trainee accounts.
  2. The trainee can purchase an access pass directly in Supervision Assist, as well as subsequent access extensions as needed.
  3. The trainee can redeem an access code sold (or distributed) by the university outside of Supervision Assist.