Step 3: Placement Applications & Site Directory

Supervision Assist provides a list of approved supervision sites in an organization-specific directory. The Trainee Placement page allows trainees to browse approved openings for practicum and internship supervision, as well as to submit placement applications and obtain approval by the program coordinator to work with prospective site supervisors. The placement process is outlined below.

Site Placement Process

Part 1: Student Creates a Placement Application

  1. The student submits a placement application.
    1. The student indicates what training level the application is for (i.e. Practicum, Internship I, Internship II). The dropdown list includes the student's past, current, and/or next assigned training plans.Note: If a student hasn't been assigned their next training by a coordinator, they can select Request It on the left side of the page and indicate the appropriate training level for the application in the field provided.

      Next, the student can select a supervision site already listed in the directory, or enter information about a new supervision site. When they start entering the name of the supervision site an Add It button will appear to request a new supervision site.
      When creating a new Supervision Site, the following information is required. 

    2. The student can select an existing site supervisor or add a new site supervisor; adding a new supervisor automatically sends an invitation message to the email address entered. The invited supervisor's status on the placement application will be labeled as "Invited” until he/she creates an account in SA.

Part 2: Required Agreement Forms are Completed

  1. The student will then have to complete all required university forms, including the attachment of liability insurance forms.
  2. Site supervisor registers for Supervision Assist using the signup link in the invitation email.
  3. Site supervisor completes the required agreements. Required forms are displayed on the dashboard as they login. 

  4. The Faculty supervisor also completes required agreements or forms (if there are any required).

Part 3: Coordinator Approves the Application

  1. Placement Applications with all forms completed will show up as "Ready" on the dashboard and Placement Application page. 
  2. The clinical coordinator reviews the application and approves or denies the placement request
  3. Once the placement application is approved, the student can then log activity hours at the placement in the Activity Log page.