Step 0: Customization Settings

There are a few settings that you may wish to review as you begin the customization of Supervision Assist for your program. 

Access the Organization Settings Page

  1. Select your name from the top of the page.
  2. Select My Organization. 

Organization Settings

  1. You may wish to upload a University Logo. You can do this by selecting Upload New Logo.
  2. Select Edit Details under Organizational Details to change the name, description, default time zone, address, and contact information.
  3. Select Assign New Owner if you wish to have a new main contact for the Clinical Coordinator position. The owner of an organization will determine who will be listed as the coordinator contact for students, and who will be given notifications of any Supervision Site placements. 
  4. Select Edit Settings under Organization Settings to change the following. 
    1. Require Individual Insurance. This feature will add an individual liability insurance requirement for each application. A student may upload their proof of insurance, provide a date range, and it will be attached to any applications in that range.
    2. Allow Trainees to Create Supervision Sites. This setting will control if students can enter in new site information and send it to a coordinator to be approved during the placement process.
    3. Archive Placements Created. On the Trainee Placements page you may wish to move applications to an archive area after a certain period of time. Applications that have been archived are still fully accessible, just moved to a different page to reduce clutter. 
    4. Placement Instructions. This will allow you to add text that will be shown to any student requesting a new placement. The screenshot below shows you where this will be shown to a student. 
    5. Dynamic Words: The words "trainee", "supervisor", "faculty supervisor" and "supervision site" are used throughout the site. If your program or department uses different terminology you may change this. For example, a social worker program may use student, field instructor, faculty, and agency as an alternative. This will update these names everywhere on the site.