Whitelisting SA Live Sessions on a Network Firewall (ICE 1007 error)

Supervision Assist Live Client sessions use WebRTC streams to deliver a HIPAA secure connection. For these connections to work properly, a network firewall may need to be configured. Firewalled connections may result in an ICE 1007 error which will prevent a users microphone and webcam from connecting. 

To fix this error, please contact a network administrator and request that following domain suffixes and ports be added to the firewall. 

Domain Suffix

Supervision Assist server IP addresses do rotate from time-to-time, so instead we would recommend whitelisting the Supervision Assist domain. You can whitelist servers with the following domain name suffix.


Firewall IP Address and Ports

The Supervision Assist Live Session client requires that the following ports be open on your firewall. 


IP Addresses Protocol Port(s) Description
UDP 16384-32768 Encrypted WebRTC audio, video, and screen share media stream (DTLS-SRTP)