Changing Live Session Retention Period

The Live Session retention period determines how long a student recording can remain in the system before automatically being deleted. Please note that once a video has been deleted it is completely purged and may not be recovered.

To customize the retention period for all Live/Uploaded and Telehealth Sessions that are created or hosted in an organization, please follow these steps:

  1. On the main menu, click your name then My Organization.
  2. On the My Organization page, under Organization Settings, click the Edit Settings button. The Edit Settings screen is displayed. 
  3. Under Live Sessions Retention Policy, enter the desired years/months to Retain Telehealth Sessions For and/or to Retain Live/Uploaded Sessions For
  4. Click Save

Once the desired years/months has been saved, you will be redirected to the My Organization page where the updated retention periods will be reflected under the Live Sessions Retention Policy.