Step 1: How to Activate or Pay for your Student Account

1. Supervision Account Access - Limited and Full User Accounts

To access all features of Supervision Assist you will need to purchase an account.  However, you can start using Supervision Assist with a free limited account. A limited account allows you access to the Supervision Site Directory. With a limited account you may also create a placement application. These are useful features to help you with your practicum or internship efforts.

To create or join a live video session, to log activity hours and/or to submit evaluations, you will need to have a full, paid, Supervision Assist user account.

If your Supervision Assist account requires a purchase, you will be notified as your account header will have a message stating your account is limited (and indicated below) at the top of your user dashboard . 

2.  Activating your Full-Access Supervision Assist Account

Supervision Assist offers two methods for activating your account.

1. If you have purchased or been provided a code by your University select 'Redeem Code'

2. If you don't have a code, select 'Purchase Access' to pay for an account with a credit card.

3. Determining your payment amount:

When you select Purchase Access you should be charged at a level determined by your training progress. If you feel like the Access price is incorrect, please contact us at or contact your clinical coordinator. 

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