Step 0: Creating a Supervision Assist Account

The following is a guide to walk you through creating an account in Supervision Assist. 

  1. You must have an invitation to join Supervision Assist. Please check your e-mail for an invitation from with the subject "Invitation to Supervision Assist from <Intern Name>"
  2. Section 1 of 3 is the Account information. 
    💡Your e-mail address was entered in by the student or university member who invited you into the system. If you wish to update this information you may do so by editing your profile after creating an account. 
  3. Section 2 or 3 is the Details section. 
    💡At the moment only US, Canada, New Zealand, and Virgin Island number and locations are accepted. If you live outside of these regions you may wish to enter in the student or university area. 
  4. Section 3 of 3 is the Experience section. All fields are required, if one is not applicable search and use the "other" button. 

    💡The drop-down menus can be scrolled and selected or searched. Type in an acronym if you can't find your license or credential. 
    💡Can't find an option? Search for "Other" and type it in. 
    💡Don't have a license? Enter 00000 and select your state and other for discipline.