How do I share a recorded session in SA?

There are two methods for sharing a session, but only the session's host can perform these actions.

Scheduled Live Session: Add Participants

Participants who are added to a scheduled live session will (1) be informed of the session time by email and via Supervision Assist notification, (2) receive an invitation to join the live session once it has started, and (3) have access to review the session, add comments, and play it back if it was cloud-recorded. 
  1. Click New Live Session
  2. Select the Schedule tab
  3. Add users under the Participants category. 

Additional participants can also be added in the Live Session Details page while it is scheduled.

Recorded/Uploaded Session: Assign Task

Once a cloud-recorded or uploaded session becomes available for playback, the host can then share it with non-participants by assigning it to them as a Task.
  1. From the main menu, click Live Sessions.
  2. In the Your Past Sessions tab, click the title of the session you wish to share.
  3. On the Live Session Details page, just below the video itself will be an add user box. Click the down arrow to select a user to invite to view the live session.
  4. When finished, click Save.

The selected users are then listed in the Sharing with section of the live session page and will be notified and invited to view the live session.

NOTE: The Assigned for Review section and Assign Task button are only available for Live Sessions that have been recorded or uploaded for playback.

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