How do I create a live video session?

Supervision Assist allows for Live Sessions to be recorded directly to the cloud. This process is HIPAA secure and avoids any dangerous local recordings. Follow these steps to create a cloud recording and to share them with a Supervisor for review. 

Select  Live Sessions from the main menu

  1. Click + New Live Session
  2. Select Schedule Live Session
    1. If you wish to allow another user to view this as a live stream, add them as a participant. 
    2. If you wish to allow another user to review this video. Assign them a review task after the video has been uploaded. 
  3. Select Start Session
  4. During the meeting click on the Record button in ZoomLocal_Recording_-_Click_on_Record.png
  5. After the meeting has ended, your video will be shared on Supervision Assist. (Note: It may take several minutes for the video to be processed.
  6. Under the live session will be a small box that will allow you to add users to view the session.

  7. The added users will receive a notification and will be allowed to view the live session.
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