Step 2.3: Inviting Students / Trainees

Students may be invited into Supervision Assist and assigned directly to a training plan and faculty supervisor. It is recommended that you gather a list of trainees that are organized by their training plan and faculty supervisor groups. This will allow you to invite and organize your users in one step. 

Method 1: Invite Students and Setup

  1. Select People from the main menu
  2. Select Trainees
  3. Select the Invited Trainees tab
  4. Select Invite User
    1. Enter a list of trainee's emails. (one per line, delete any empty lines)
    2. Enter a note, this will be included in the invite.
    3. Upload any files you may also wish to include this will be included as a link. (Example: Practicum Internship Handbook.)
    4. Assign Training: Assign student to a training plan and faculty supervisor.
    5. Distribute Access Codes: You may distribute paid access codes to students.

    The newly-invited students are now listed under the Invited Trainees tab. Once an invited trainee creates an account in SA, he/she will be removed from the Invited Trainees table and listed under the Current Trainees tab instead.

Method 2: Invite Students and setup later.

  1. Select People from the main menu
  2. Select Trainees
  3. Invite Users: To send an e-mail invitation from Supervision Assist
  4. Signup Link: To copy and paste an invitation link to send to students. 

After students have joined they will have a limited account and no training plan assigned. You will need toAssign a Training and Distribute Access Passes (If the University is paying).  If the student is paying they can pay Supervision Assist directly or redeem a code purchased at the university bookstore. 

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