Step 2.3: Inviting Students / Trainees

Students may be invited into Supervision Assist and assigned directly to a training plan and faculty supervisor. It is recommended that you gather a list of trainees that are organized by their training plan and faculty supervisor groups. This will allow you to invite and organize your users in one step. 

Use the following steps to invite new students/trainees into Supervision Assist. 

  1. Select People and then Trainee'
  2. Under the Invited Trainees tab, click Invite Users. 
  3. From the Invite Users pop up
    1. Enter a list of trainee's emails
    2. Enter a note that you may wish to include with this email
    3. Upload any files you may also wish to include. This is often a Practicum Internship Handbook. 
    4. Assign the students to an appropriate training plan. (If the training plan is not listed, create another plan using step one of the guide
    5. Adjust the start date and end date (if needed)
    6. Select their assigned Faculty Supervisor

The newly-invited students are now listed under the Invited Trainees tab. Once an invited trainee creates an account in SA, he/she will be removed from the Invited Trainees table and listed under the Current Trainees tab instead.

A Tip on Organizing New Trainees: It is sometimes useful for program coordinators to invite new trainees into a training plan labeled "Placement Applicants" that ends before their anticipated  placement/internship  begins. This allows them to organize new trainees in a group, and to assign a faculty supervisor who is responsible for checking on their status. 

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