Step 3.1: Approving Placements

  1. Your Dashboard contains a tab named PlacementsThe red icon counter indicates the number of applications that have not yet been approved.
  2. In this tab, placement applications are shown with one of two status labels:
    1. Submitted: The trainee has submitted an application to work with a site supervisor but all required agreements have not been completed yet.
    2. Ready: All required agreement forms and uploads have been completed or submitted by the relevant users.
  3. Select View to review a placement application.
  4. Click Mark Approved or Mark Denied to approve or deny the placement request.
  5. When Mark Approved is clicked:
    1. If a training plan was selected by the trainee, they can begin to log hours in this placement at the start of their training.
    2. If the trainee selected "Training Not Listed" and added a comment, you can select an existing training plan or create a new training plan to associate with the placement.
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