Improving Sound and Video Quality

Improving Sound and Video Quality

    Position Your Recording Device

    • Check your camera thumbnail in zoom to see if your device is positioned properly. 
    • If you are having trouble with your voice/sound quality, please check your device's settings or try restarting it.
    • If possible, try not to aim lamps/outside light at your face or directly behind you.
    • Make sure there are no items blocking a speakers face

    Improve Sound Quality for Client Live Sessions

    • For the best sound quality, try to keep your device less than 5 feet away from your active speakers.
    • If you are unable to obtain good quality sound from your device you may wish to invest in an external Bluetooth speakerphone. The Jabra Speak 510 (wireless) or Jabra Speak 410 (wired for laptops) have been tested and are recommended by Zoom and Supervision Assist staff. 
    • If you choose to use built-in webcams on your laptop or cell phone, the video quality may be low. Webcams start at $19.99 on both Amazon and Best Buy as well.

    Improve Sound Quality for Group Live Sessions

    • If possible, purchase a headset with a microphone. Using your device’s speakers/microphone can sometimes lead to low sound quality and   echo You can find a wide selection on and Best Buy in-store or online.
    • If anyone in the call starts to hear background noise or other people in the call, it may be time to invest in a headset.
    • Use the mute button in zoom when you are not speaking. This will prevent extra noises from happening while other people are speaking.

    Other Things to Remember

    • Be aware of your backdrop and professional presentation – try not to have clutter in the background, these tend to distract others in meetings.
    • Empty rooms tend to have strong echoes. Being in a room with carpeting and rugs will dampen these issues.
    • Certain jewelry, pets, or other people in the background also tend to be distractions.

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