Create a Telehealth Session

Supervision Assist allows students to conduct and cloud record Telehealth sessions online. This is the only supported process for conducting a Live Session and maintaining HIPAA security.

Creating a Telehealth Session

  1. Select Live Sessions from the main menu
  2. Click + New Live Session
  3. Select Schedule a Telehealth Session
  4. Click Next
  5. Select the Placement associated with the Telehealth Session
  6. Enter in the Email of the Client to Invite under Invitee Email
  7. Enter the date, time, and duration of the meeting. 
  8. Read and select the confirmation statement
  9. Click the Save Button
  10. Click Start Session to begin the Telehealth Session or select Resent Invite to send another invitation to your client. 

    Note: Telehealth is an add-on that needs to be opted in for by your University/Organization.  If you are unable to find this option in Supervision Assist please discuss your needs with your University Clinical Coordinator and/or Professor. 
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