Activity Log - Student Introduction

Introduction Video

Step-by-Step Guide

To track practicum or internship hours, create entries in the Activity Log page as follows:

  1. From the main menu, click Activity Log.
  2. Select Activity Date to select the date of your activity. 
  3. Select the Placement for the Activity using the drop-down menu. 
  4. Select Activity & Session to choose the Activity Type and Session Type. Some activity types may also ask you to select an Arrangement, Session Focus, and Learning Behavior.
  5. Select Duration to record the time spent on this Activity & Session.
  6. Select the following icons to add any optional information. 

    Client Code.
    This is an optional field to be able to quickly view all notes and times spent with a client. 

    Attachment: Add an attachment related to your activity.

    Journal: Add reflective thoughts or notes on your activity to share with your Faculty and Site Supervisor

    Risk Alert: Select this field to immediately send a notification to your Faculty and Site Supervisor