Creating Recurring Placements


A coordinator may wish to approve a placement as recurring when it should automatically carry over to any new placements. For example, when a student's placement will be approved for Internship I and you wish for it to be automatically added to Internship II. The following is a guide for creating a recurring placement. 

Important Notes

A placement will only carry over to the next training plan if it is marked as recurring before the next training plan is assigned. For example. 

  • Example (New instance created): A student's Internship I at Silver Spur Counseling is marked as recurring. When Internship II is assigned, a new placement will be automatically created. 
  • Example (New instance NOT created): A student was assigned to Internship II. The coordinator realizes a past Internship I placement at Silver Spur Counseling was not recurring and marks it as recurring. A new instance will NOT be created. If you are in this situation, we recommend you follow the steps at the bottom of this guide.  

Creating a Recurring Placement while Approving a Placement

When creating a recurring placement 

  1. Navigate to a placement application that is ready for approval and open the placement application details page. 
  2. Select Approve
  3. In the Confirm Placement Approval, select the option to make a recurring placement. 

Marking Previous Placement Applications as Recurring

You may mark multiple applications as recurring all at once.

  1. Select Training and then Placement Applications from the main menu. 
  2. We recommend using a filter to show only relevant applications.
    1. Filter by Status: You may only mark Approved applications as recurring. 
    2. Filter by Recurrence: You may select Non-Recurring Placement's to only show applications that are not yet recurring. 
    3. Filter by Search:  You may wish to type in the name of a training plan or student to only view relevant applications. 
    4. Sort by Column: You may select any column to sort in an ascending or descending order. 
  3. Select the relevant placement applications 
  4. Select Group Actions and Set Placements as Recurring
  5. A pop-up message will let you know if there are any errors creating this application. 
  6. Select Save

Creating Recurring Placements with Students that Already have a New Training Plan Created

As mentioned in the introduction, recurring placements are NOT automatically added to future training plans that have already been created. This feature will likely be added in a future update. In the meantime, we recommend following this process. 

  1. Select People and then Trainees from the main menu.
  2. We recommend navigating this page using the following tools:
    1. Filter by Search: Use this if you wish to narrow down a particular student or training plan.
    2. Sort by Next Training: By selecting the Next Training column you may group students with a future training plan. 
  3. You may quickly delete a training plan if it has no placements. You will see a red trashcan in these situations.
  4. If a student already has a Next Training with a completed Placement Application or Activity Log entries, you will NOT see a red trashcan. This will unfortunately prevent a new recurring placement from being created.