Joining a Telehealth Sessions (Client View)

Client View

Here is an overview of a client's view if you need to walk a client through the process.

  1. An e-mail will be sent to the client form the address The subject will be Telehealth Session Invitation
  2. This e-mail will include the date and time that you selected and a link to join the session. 
  3.  If a client joins the session before you have started, they will see a "Waiting for the host to start the session..." message. 
  4. After you start a meeting, they will be presented with a button to Join the Session with their Browser or to dial In with a phone.
  5. The client will join the meeting with the name "Guest" to protect any unnecessary PHI from being revealed. If they have any issues with connecting audio the phone number and meeting code will be included in the public chat area for them to use. 

If your client has any issues connecting to a Live Session, please review the Live Session FAQ below.