Available Reports in Supervision Assist.

Listed below is an explanation of various reports and exports available in the system. Many of these reports may be customized during the onboarding process. A brief description is included about each report type below, and links at the bottom of the page will provide a detailed breakdown of each report. 

Activity Log Reports

A trainee's training report can be generated by any user related to the trainee in Supervision Assist.  Activity Log reports can be generated in four formats, a brief description is included below.

  • Training Report - An aggregate of all hours logged by a single trainee during the full span of their training plan.
  • Weekly Report: Total hours accumulated by a single trainee for a week.
  • Spreadsheet Export:  An export of all hours listed in an excel sheet from a single trainee.
  • Full Training Report - This report generates a PDF from an aggregate of all hours logged across all trainings and placements for a single trainee.
  • All Student Hour Report - This report generates an excel spreadsheet which shows aggregate totals of Direct Service, Indirect Service, Individual Supervision, and Group Supervision for all Trainees.

Evaluation Reports

Supervision Assist evaluation reports are powerful and can be customized for a university's individual needs. Supervision Assist will by default include a total aggregate evaluation report with a breakdown of responses and total average. They will also include the ability to filter the reports by dates or new filters can be created by university coordinators on the fly. New evaluation reports can be customized at any time and will be created jointly during the onboarding process.
  • Evaluation Report (Total Average): Report along with graphs that shows an aggregate of all students. 
  • Evaluation Report (Comparison): Report with graph that includes a comparison of students across time or other variables. 
  • Excel Exports: All evaluations may be exported to be used in other statistical software. 

Program Reports

Useful reports are built within Supervision Assist and can be exported into a excel files for program review. A list of reports is listed below. 

  • Placement Application Export: Creates an excel sheet with information about each student placement application along with qualifications. 
  • Placement Application Review Mode: Creates a PDF printable page of all agreement forms and documentation for a placement application. 
  • Site Directory Report: Exports a list of all Supervision Sites along with their supervisors and associated placement applications. 
  • Supervisor Report: Creates a list of all Supervisors along with their credentials, training, and other information needed for accreditation. 
  • Student Training and Hour Report: Creates a list of students along with their total accrued hours.