Create a Detailed Training Report (Daily Breakdown)

Print a detailed training report

  1. From a trainee's activity log page, first make sure you are on the correct training plan. You can use the blue arrows to navigate between plans. 
  2. Select the last date on the calendar from that training plan. 
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Load More
  4.  Continue this process until you reach the end of the page. 
  5. Print the page from your browser. (On chrome you may right click and select print)
  6. Save as PDF

Viewing Students Full Activity Log

If you are a faculty/staff member trying to view this detailed log, you will need to navigate to a student's Activity Log page. Here are additional steps on how to do this from a Coordinator or Faculty position. 

Faculty Supervisor

  1. Select My Trainees from the top of the page .
  2. Select View Activity Log under the correct student Training.

Coordinator / Staff

  1. Use Search Users to find your trainee
  2. Click the View action on the trainee
  3. Select View Activity Log under the correct student Training.