Step 2.3: Inviting Students / Trainees

Students may be invited into Supervision Assist and assigned directly to a training plan and faculty supervisor. It is recommended that you gather a list of trainees that are organized by their training plan and faculty supervisor groups. This will allow you to invite and organize your users in one step. 

Method 1: Invite Students and Setup Later.

  1. Select People
  2. Select Trainees
  3. Select the Invited Trainees Tab
  4. Choose one of the following.
    1. Invite Users: To send an e-mail invitation from Supervision Assist
    2. Signup Link: To copy and paste an invitation link to send to students. 

After students have joined they will have a limited account and no training plan assigned. You will need to Assign a Training and Distribute Access Passes (If the University is paying).  If the student is paying they can pay Supervision Assist directly or redeem a code purchased at the university bookstore. 

Method 2: Invite Students and Setup Simultaneously. 

  1. Select People
  2. Select Trainees
  3. Select the Invited Trainees tab
  4. Select Invite User
    1. Enter a list of trainee's emails. (one per line, delete any empty lines)
    2. Enter a note, this will be included in the invite.
    3. Upload any files you may also wish to include this will be included as a link. (Example: Practicum Internship Handbook.)
    4. Assign Training: Assign students to a training plan and faculty supervisor. You must have a training plan created and a Faculty Supervisor in the system to assign a training plan. 
    5. Distribute Access Codes: You may distribute paid access codes to students. You may create access passes that are ready for distribution at any time within Supervision Assist. 

      This is only used for Universities that are paying for student accounts. If students are purchasing from Supervision Assist or the bookstore this is not required. 

    The newly-invited students are now listed under the Invited Trainees tab. Once an invited trainee creates an account in SA, he/she will be removed from the Invited Trainees table and listed under the Current Trainees tab instead.