How to use the Live Session client

Initial Setup

  • Select Microphone to join the session as a speaker as well as a listener. When selected, you will be prompted to a partake in a private echo test. Select Yes or No based on your ability to hear or not hear audio playback.
  • Select Listen only to join the session solely as a listener without the capability to be a speaker. When selected, you now have joined the audio conference.

Getting to know the Live Session meeting room features

Actions Button - This will allow the moderator to randomly select a student/attendee from the live session. (Only visible to moderator)

Microphone - Click this button to mute/unmute yourself during the live session.

Change/Leave Audio - This button will allow you to choose your preferred microphone (input device) and your preferred speakers (output device). You also can click on this button to leave audio.

Share Webcam - Click this button to open up the webcam settings and to start sharing your webcam.

Share Your Screen - Click this button to share your screen during the live session. (Only visible to moderator or after given permission by host)

Raise Hand - Click this button if you have a question or would like to speak during the live session without interrupting other participants.

Connection Status - Click this button to check your connection status and/or to turn off your webcam and/or screen sharing.

Options - Click this button to open up the live session options. From here you can adjust settings, make the client full screen, end the meeting, and leave the meeting.