Release Notes

v2.6.11 (Released 01/17/2022)

  • Faculty supervisors can now view their trainees' evaluations from past training plans that they were not assigned to. These evaluations are included in the main Evaluations page, as well as on the Trainee Details page under the Evaluations tab.
  • The Next Trainings tab in the Trainee Details page now lists multiple next trainings when applicable, as opposed to only listing a single upcoming training. 
  • Coordinators now have the ability to toggle their supervisors' Accepting Trainees setting when viewing them in the Supervision Site Details page, as well as via the Supervision Profile drawer in the Placement Application Details page.
  • Optional attachments are now available for internal agreement and evaluation forms, in addition to required attachments, allowing for better flexibility and grouping of documents as needed.
  • Bug fixes and improvements

v2.6.10 (Released 12/07/2022)

  • Bug fixes and improvements

v2.6.9 (Released 10/31/2022)

  • Bug fixes and improvements

v2.6.8 (Released 08/24/2022)

  • Bug fixes and improvements

v2.6.7 (Released 06/26/2022)

  • Bug fixes and improvements

v2.6.6 (Released 06/12/2022)

  • Added ability for task creators to force-dismiss incomplete group tasks.
  • Bug fixes and improvements

v2.6.5 (Released 04/22/2022)

  • We've added a new report type, a Full Training Report, available under the Training Totals tab (on the dashboard for trainees, and on the Trainee Details Page for coordinators and faculty). This report generates a PDF from an aggregate of all hours logged across all trainings and placements.
  • Coordinators can now customize the retention periods for all Live/Uploaded and Telehealth Sessions that are created or hosted in their organization. These settings are available to coordinators under the Organization Settings section in My Organization, and can be viewed by non-coordinators in the Live Sessions page's Archived drawer.
  • To help with record-keeping and meeting requirements, trainees can now optionally select a placement to associate with a non-Telehealth live session. This will also help in the future with connecting client sessions to the correct site as well as with generating new reports.
  • In cases where a placement's required forms includes a multiway form in which the guest submitter's email matches the placement's registered supervisor or faculty (example: when a supervisor is also the site representative or manager), the forms section will allow this registered "external" submitter to complete the forms from within SA's Placement Details page, as opposed to strictly via following an email link.
  • The weekly progress email summarizing trainees' progress will now be sent to associated faculty in addition to supervisors.
  • Under the Organization Settings section in My Organization, coordinators can now choose to prevent trainees from requesting a training plan during the placement application process, forcing them to select one of pre-assigned trainings instead.
  • Bug fixes and improvements