Step 4: Testing Supervision Assist with Sample Accounts

After you have reviewed your Evaluations and Forms with the Supervision Assist staff they will be set up in Supervision Assist. You may wish to test these out with sample users. Your Supervision Assist account manager should have sent you a login and password for these accounts. Please contact your account manager if you need your login information. 
Tip: Instead of logging out of Supervision Assist for each sample account, you may use separate browsers or  Incognito Mode to be logged in with multiple accounts at the same time. 
Step 1: Student Placement Application and Forms
  1. Go to the SupervisionAssist and login as the Example Student
  2. Click on the help button on the top right and navigate to the Trainee Start Guide. Complete steps 1-4
    1. When creating a placement application use the following
      1. Training Plan: Example Practicum
      2. Supervision Site: Champlin and Sons
      3. Supervisor: Example Supervisor 
  3. Complete all of the Placement Application Forms

Step 2: Complete Faculty or Site Supervisor Forms

  1. Use the Example Faculty or Example Site Supervisor login to complete the placement application forms 

Step 3: Approve the Placement Application as a Coordinator

  1. Log in to your account and approve the Placement Application.

Step 4: Complete Student Tasks

  1. Create Activity Log Entries
  2. Complete Evaluations
  3. Create a Live Session
    1. Create a Telehealth Session

Step 5: Complete Supervisor or Faculty Specific Evaluations

  1. Login as the Example Faculty and Example Supervisor.
  2. Click on the Evaluation Tab.