Step 2: Inviting Users into Supervision Assist

Supervision Assist follows the same general process to invite Staff, Faculty Supervisors, Site Supervisors, and Students. 

Invitation Process

  1. Select People (1)
  2. Select the User Role (Trainee, Faculty Supervisor, Supervisor, Staff)
  3. Select the Invite User tab (2)
  4. Invite users (3) by;
    1. Invite Users button: The Supervision Assist system will send an email invite to users. These invites will include instructions on using their account
    2. Signup Link: If you wish to send an email using a company or personal email, you may send a custom link. 

Recommended Process for New Universities

The following invitation process is recommended for new Universities. 

  1. Invite Clinical Coordinators or Staff
  2. Invite Faculty Supervisors
  3. Create Training Plans to invite students into.
  4. If the University is paying for students, add access passes to your account. If students are paying for their own accounts, you may proceed without this step as they can join in with a limited account
  5. Invite Students
    1. Students are invited into the system and create Placement Application(s) for Site Supervisors. They may send invitations to new Site Supervisors or connect with Site Supervisors already added to your organization. 
    2. Students may be sent an invitation that connects them with their Faculty Supervisor and Training Plan.
  6. Invite Site Supervisors (optional)
    1. Students may invite Site Supervisors during their placement process. However, some Universities prefer to invite Site Supervisors before this process. 

 There are a few different methods of inviting users into Supervision Assist.